"Have a good and Godly day"

Laughing and talking echoes through the house.  Some of the kids are at the dinner table doing their school work, and some are in the kitchen talking to me while I stir the beans and make the corn bread.

"The chicken is almost done."  I tell the kids who are in the kitchen.  My son hollers across the room to notify those at the table.

"Underline the nouns and tell me which ones are common  & which ones are proper."  I yell from the kitchen.

My daughter brings me her paper.  She's working on her vocabulary from Classical Roots.  She whines.  I tell her to correct her mistakes (again).

We break bread for lunch.  Interrupted by the call of my husband, who has already called a handful of times.  "What y'all doing?"  He asked.

"About to eat."  I say.

"I wish I was there with y'all.  Can't wait to put this meat online, then I'll be home too."

We finish conversation.

Kids make Mama feel good.  They rant and rave over the food.  The smell.  The taste.  The look.

"I love when you are feeling good, Mom,"  My daughter says.

"Me too."  We hug and eat.

After lunch I call for story time, they come including the 17 year old son.  They lay scattered on the living room floor, and in chairs—some on me.  I read "The Fully Belly Bowl."  We laugh and have fun.

God's Word says, "There is a time for every thing under the sun."

Sometimes I get restless and don't want to "wait" for  "my time."

I want to be a publish author, now.

I want to "bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan" now.

I want—I want.

Yesterday, today... this is my time to be at home...training my childrenTeaching them the nuggets of life.  Teaching them about eucharisteo: giving thanks, at an early age.  My children are growing so fast.  I only have a certain amount of time with them in our home.  A certain time to instill what God has called me to instill.  This calling—the holy work.  My holy work of being a stay-at-home mom, homeschool mom, wife, Christian, writer, woman is what He has called me to do.  But they are all unfolding in bits of sequence and time.

God has allotted us so much time on earth.  For Jesus it was 33 years to be about His Father's business.  You and I have an allotted time, and after He's called us home that's it.  There's no more "time" and the time to work will be over.  That's why it is imperative for the Christian to be "about their Father's business" always.

Yesterday after the day was done, I was exhausted.  Kids and husband still wanted to talk, but I fell asleep on them all. Though my body was tired, I felt so good.  I had had a great day, a day where I knew God was pleased.  I'd used my time wisely—for the most part, and I'd worked hard on accomplishing the goals He had given me for the day.  Had I done all of them and had I done them perfect? No.  But I'd used my time wise, went to Him about the day several times for guidance.  I knew My Father was pleased and so was I.  In fact my entire household felt the difference of me doing "it" my way and doing "it" His way.  I love days like that.  Today, I will strive for another.

Woodrow Kroll with Back to the Bible always closes his program with this saying,"Have a good and Godly day for what lasting value is a good day, if it is not also a Godly day."

That has to be my aim.  My goal is to not only have a "good day," but a Godly day.  In this time frame that God has given me I want to be sure that my time here is laced with Godly days so that they will have lasting value.

Make certain my friends to have not only good days, but strive to have the last value of a Godly day.

"Forever is composed of nows." ~ Emily Dickinson


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