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are you a mentally strong person?

How much does mental strength play in your day-to-day activities?

Do you believe mental strength is important?  Even more importantly, do you believe mental strength is just as important as physical strength and health?

I came across Cheryl Conners coloumn, that was taken from Amy Morin, a licensed clinical social worker and writer, who wrote an article, "Mentally Strong People: the 13 things they avoid."

This article really spoke to me because I am finding myself having to put a lot of these actions into play in my own life in order for my business to get off the ground, and for me to be sure I'm grounded just as a human being. There have been many times when I've wanted to cry and give up with my new endeavor, but crying and giving up will only get in the way, set me back, and get me off my goal so I am having to fight with everything in me to stay the course, look fear in the face and tell it to move over.  I'm having to tune out the naysayers and those who d…

are you unhappy about where you are {part 2}

If you are unhappy about where you are there are a few things you can do about it.  This is the second part to the first half of "are you unhappy about where you are?"

Remember, you are the only one who can change your situation, with the help of God, and that hard times aren't necessarily bad times.  "Everything if given to God can be our gateway to joy," remember that.

You and I can use the hard times in our lives as motivations to stay focused, on course, and to work at getting ourselves to the place where we want to be.

Believe me, I'm learning this first hand, right alone with you.

Now.  The next step for people who find themselves unhappy where they are is:

4.  Be thankful.  Really.  Count your blessings.  We all are blessed in many ways if we just stop to see it.  There are so many hurting people in the world, but just because we're hurting doesn't mean we are not blessed.  Although you may not be where you want to be, I bet you have a lot of…

Are you unhappy about where you are?

I will be perfectly blunt with you: I am in a few situations that I don't like where they have me positioned.  For a while, a few years, I had found myself complaining, complaining.  After much prayer and soul searching, I realized that the only way my situation was going to change to my liking was for me to do something about it.  Make it happen.

God had said, "yes," but nothing was going to happen unless I took actions in the direction I wanted to go.

Friends, are you in a situation that you don't like?  Your situation could be a relationship, job, weight or anything.  Have you ever thought about doing something about it? I mean really doing something-- something more than just talking about it and complaining.

Why not start planning now, today, to take real deliberate actions on changing your situation?

Make something happen.

I've talked about Whitney English the Day Planner and one of her quotes, "the key to a well-designed life is consistently editing w…

What do you love to do and what are you good at doing?

With the approaching of a new year, I've been thinking about being focused and taking inventory of where I am in relationship to what I am doing with my talents.

Before I get started in sharing my thoughts on this subject let me say that I did not forget about the Advent reading.  I have been home in bed in excruciating pain from an ear infection and bad tooth.  My tooth will be extracted this coming Thursday so please pray for me.

I have been laid out in bed, sometimes moaning like a lady in labor because it hurts too bad to cry. So I've been stilled and quiet on purpose.  The things that I'm sharing with you today were actually scheduled to be shared with you weeks before now while we talked about Advent.

Right now I'm feeling pretty good, and I pretty much had this post laid out in draft waiting for me. So I decided today would be the day.  Sorry for all of the "so."

So what do you love to do?  Are you doing it?

What are you good at doing?  Are…

the greatest gift, where are you? day 3

"Where are you?"

I love how Ann asks this question.  How she opens up the chapter with it.  It certainly wasn't what I was expecting.

This question involves participation on the reader's part.  I feel like she is saying to really take part in the advent of the Mesiah we need to know, where we are?

Ann says, "Our fall was, has been, and always will be, that we aren't satisfied in God and what He gives."  Ouch.

Lord knows this is true of me, and sadly often times, I can feel justified in feeling this way.  What about you?  Where are you?

Jesus is calling for you

Where are you?

Today the writer invites us to sing a worship song or Christmas carol {or two or three}, and invite Him to come and be with you.

Here's your moment to reflect:

1.  What would you say if God called out to you now, "Where are you?"

2.  What does it mean to you that God seeks you out and finds you when you are far from Him?

3.  What places deep within your sould do you long…

the greatest gift, day 2

Yesterday, I forgot to go over the reflections of the days reading with you.  Can you believe I am sick! My children seem to think it's funny because I never, ever get sick.  I'm always caring for them, but now they are having to care for me.

Anyway, moving on to day 2 of the greatest gift:

Today's reading comes from Genesis 1:1-5, 26-27

Ask yourself:

"What could you create today with a gentle heart of love {a letter, a treat, a surprise}?"  Then . . .

Create something out of your love.

A moment of reflection:

1.  What causes you to pause in wonder?

2.  What does it mean to you that you were made out of the overflow of God's love?

3.  Think of three people who are not easy to love.  What would it look like to love those people with God's love?

I would love to know what you all created or even better see pictures of it.  Do me a favor please.  If you are participating in reading the book or following along on the blog because you don't have the bo…

the greatest gift {the advent of the Messiah} day 1

For the next 24 days my family and I will read, "The Greatest Gift," by Ann Voskamp.  After going through the book, I wasn't sure if my children would be able to understand Ann's poetic writing, so I somewhat broke it down in plain English, just a bit, that way I wouldn't have to keep going back asking them if they understood and rereading certain parts.

What I wrote for them, I've decided to post here for those of you who are interested in going through the daily readings, but for whatever reason can't afford to get the book.  I'm also sharing because I want to open the door for other's who are participating in the daily readings to have a place where we can collectively get together and share our stories and pictures.  For that reason I've added a link up.  Also if you are interested there is a private Facebook group which has started for those who are reading the book.  You can go here to their page and request to participate.

"Out of …