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Blackberries contain natural antioxidants that help protect us against numerous diseases including cancer? These black beauties also contain ellagic acid, a chemical known for its ability to prevent sun damage; it's also said to have restorative effects on previously damaged skin.

  • one cup of blackberries provides more than 30 percent of our daily fiber needs and about 36 percent of the recommended daily value of vitamin k—which promotes calcium absorption.

Blueberries have more antioxidant than any other native fruit? The antioxidants in the berries may help lower the build up of bad cholesterol in our bodies, thus decreasing risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

  • One serving of blueberries provides about a quarter of our daily need for vitamin c, and about 14 percent of the recommended daily in take of fiber.

In several studies blueberries have been shown to reverse brain degeneration caused by aging. So its been said that they may even reduce our risk for Alzheimer's.


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