The Church Awakening Review

In the practical way that he delivers all his messages, be it through his written words or preaching, Charles R. Swindoll doesn't disappoint his followers with his latest book, 'THE CHURCH AWAKENING:  AN URGENT CALL FOR RENEWAL.'  In this book Chuck gives keen insight into the going on of the evangelical church of the twenty-first century and contrast it to the church of the first-century.
In all honesty, I wasn't sure I would like this book, though Chuck authored it.  I thought that any book that dealt with the church and how to handle it—"the church" should be read by a pastor or someone in a "leadership" position.  However, being a fellow blogger as well as a friend to Ronnie and knowing how he and my mother simply love Chuck I felt obligated to chose this as one of my review books.   I can honestly say, that the joke turned out to be on me because this is one of Chuck's finest and I feel privilege to have been one of the ones able to review it.  

To read the rest of my review please visit me here: Who Me Be A Leader?


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