Reacting to unexpected encounters

Mary superimposed on its Hebrew source מרים (M...Image via WikipediaHave you ever responded to a circumstance in a way you wish you hadn't?  Me too.  I do it way more than I'd like to admit—even to myself.

Take last night for instance.  A friend and I were talking outside in a parking lot,  I felt like he wasn't being totally forth coming about an issue he and I have been dealing with for a few years now.  Although I handled the situation better than I've handled some of our encounters in the past, I still didn't handle this issue the way I wanted to.  Clearly I see how the Lord is using me in this relationship to build my character, but I keep faltering.  We both ended up calling each other rude and he even called me mean before driving off.


Today, I was pulled toward Mary, the beloved mother of our Savior.  What a girl!  Look at her responds to her unexpected situation.

" 'Behold, the bondslave of the Lord; may it be done to me according to your word; And the angel departed from her' " (Luke 1:38).

Man her submission gives me hope for myself and it also scares me at the same time.

When I look at this I ask myself, "How could I have submitted better to the situation last night?"  I don't see a submission issue at first glance, but upon further reflection I think I should have stated how I felt in a kind and loving way.  I think I should have practiced more of the fruit of the Spirit, but I was hurt.  So in that regard I see how I could have submitted to God through that situation.

In this particular verse, we see Mary's submission due to the fact that she believed the Words of the angel, and me believing my friend was riding on a big "iffy."  Even still, I should have obeyed the Scriptures that tell us how to deal with our brother. ... When God gives us an opportunity to respond to circumstances in our lives regardless of how big or small we feel the situation is, let's allow Him to do the impossible through us i.e. love the unlovable, forgive someone who has hurt us...  Let's let our responds be one that is willing to accept what He gives us through unexpected encounters.

  •  Beloved, God's best servants are often ordinary people like you and me.

  • His plans usually involve extra-ordinary things taking place in the lives of ordinary individuals, and most of all, remember: "Our character is revealed by how we respond to the unexpected (for you passive-aggressive folks who think because you don't "show emotions" and you think you keep your behavior well hidden "inwardly" that in and of itself is still a response and it, too, reveals your character.  By the way a person who is wisely walking with the Lord is able to see through you Mr. and Mrs. Passive Aggressive.)
Blessing to you all and thanks for stopping by!


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