Holiday Baking Shopping List

Okay ladies, here's the deal: Whole Foods has their own brand 365 Everyday Value, and for the most part it is inexpensive, yet still quality.  I say that because I don't care for "some" of the 365 shampoos and conditioners, but that's another story.  I haven't come across a "food" item that I don't care for.  Anyways, 365 Everyday Value products are free of hydrogenated fats, high frutose corn syrup and artificial color, flavors, preservatives and they really are inexpensive—yet quality.

So here's some of the things you need to have on hand or get ready to purchase for your holiday baking.  And they are.




  • ice cream
  • frozen fruit
For about 50 bucks you can have your pantry, fridge and freezer good and stocked with these 365 Eveyday Value holiday baking staples—many of which are organic!


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