Word Women

Ah my dear friends, hello and welcome back!
It's late and I'm tired.  But I'm oh so glad to have this opportunity to meet with you again and share my heart-felt words.

Our Internet service has been down.  We switched from ATT Uverse to Clear.

Tonight I had a chance to stop by an old friend Ann Voskamp.  As usual she ministered to my soul in only the special way God has given her the ability to do.  I got a chance to listen to her speech at the Relevant Conference, boy was that speech fitting.

There are several things that Ann said that hit home with me, but one of the things that continued to ring loudly in my mind is I am a woman born to blog for such  a time as this.  Ann contiue using the phrase "Such women you are for such a time as this..."  Guess what?  My dearest friend it's not by accident that I heard that speech and it's not by accident that you are reading this post.  You too, regardless of where you are in your Christian journey (blogger or not) are a women born, living and breathing—right now, for such a time a this.  Ann so eloquently pointed out: You and I (for you bloggers/writers) "weave the letters of words on our screen," to make a difference for Him.  His kingdom.  We are "Word Women."

The other thing that captured me was when she talked about "the state of my space doesn't have to reflect the state of my heart." Dear Lord please let me remember this one I pray thee.  Think about that: "The state of my space doesn't have to reflect the state of my heart."  I've dealt with the "nasty spell of perfectionism" a lot, and let me tell you: when it grabs hold of you, it can bring you low—if you allow it.  Thank God we are Word Women and the reading and journaling of His Word softly settles back into our hearts after a spell.

My daily challenge (starting today) is to "get up and work" to do the next thing as Ann and my mentor Elisabeth Elliot says.  I will make an effort to also devote myself to praying throughout the day and giving thanks in all things.

That means today—throughout my day, I will simply stop and give God thanks for ...

I'll let you know how it goes.

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