Gratitude for the love of siblings

I never thought I would be thankful for the noise that my children make when they are outside running free and playing, but after what happened this weekend...I'm thankful.

Yesterday (Saturday), my children were outside playing.  They were very loud so I went outside to tell them to quieted down.  Several minutes later, three of the seven ran in and said, "Mom something really bad happened outside...a really bad accident with Krishtiana and Kramon!" 

My heart stopped as I ran to the door and saw my 9 year-old daughter coming inside crying hysterically... her hand covering her left eye blood running down her face and arm, and her 7 year old brother walking in behind her looking dazed as if he was about to pass out!

I ran to her, saw him ran to catch him before he fell right where he was.  While running to him, I yelled to my 13 year-old son who was assisting his sister, "apply pressure to stop the bleeding, someone get him a towel!  Put the towel over her eye and apply pressure!"

"Get the ice pack and bring it to me!"

After having my 17 year-old son hold the ice pack on his little brothers head, I went back to look at my daughter.

"Calmed down"  I told her.

"I know it hurts baby, but you really need to let me see how bad it is."

"Oh my!" I whisphered within.

"Lord please calm me and help me help these little ones and not frighten them."

Timidly, I took over applying pressure to my daughters wound. 

Truth be told, I thought I would pass out, but hey, I'm the mother...right?  I have to be strong?  Especially once I looked around and saw the other kids ages 17 on down to 6 crying for their siblings...silently the stream of love quietly ran down their faces.  Their brother was hurt.  Their sister was hurt.  Their loved one was hurt.  Some were more open than others.  Each one did their best to hide the tears of love that so freely flowed.  Why?  They didn't want to scare the battered and the bruise.

For a minute I thought, "Wait, these were the siblings who not even 24 hours ago were fussing up a storm about a doll.  These are the kids that I make hold hands and walk to their rooms to tell each other 10 things that they like about each other because they bicker so much."

Once things calmed down, I called my husband...sounding like a frighten little girl myself by this time. 

"What do you want me to do," he asked?"

I told him.

"Okay," he replied.

Finally, he was home!

"Let's go," he said, "They do need to go to the ER."

My daughter had to get 6 stitches and my son has a minor concussion.

But I learned from this ...

What did I learn ...

I learned that the compassion I've tried instilling in my children is there.  Even though I don't always see it -- it's there.  They have the ability to put themselves in someone elses shoes and feel empathy.  I'm thankful for compassionate children.

I learned that my children listen to me.  The doctors and I were amazed at how my daughter handled being stitched up.  They were baby talking her, and I simply said to her:  "Kristhtiana, baby this may hurt and it may hurt a lot.  This is what they are going to do to you ... it is very important that you don't move, okay.  If you move, you can make things worse so even though what they are about to do may hurt try very hard not to move.  If it does hurt, it will only hurt for a little bit and then the doctors will put the sutures in, okay."

"Yes ma'am"

I left her in the room with her father and the doctors.  Remember, I'm the timid mother.  Her dad and the doctor said, "She handled herself very well."

"Praise God," is all I could say!

Afterwards we all went out to Chilli's and ate and talked about the events.

I'm thankful (# 7-13) for...

~ obedient children

~family love

~family bond



Today I missed the sounds of the little ones running...being free...being healthy...being children.

I'm thankful for ...

~ sounds of happy kids running and playing

Our brothers and sisters are there with us,
from the dawn of our stories to its inevitable dusk.

~ Susan Scarf Merrell


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