Gratitude for ...

Today is Monday, which means I participate in the Gratitude Community over at A Holy Experience.  It's where a few bloggers and I gather together to share our "thankfulness" to Him...preferably for what others call "the small things." 

The light of a new day breaks through.  It wakes me.  I turn to my husband, "Good morning.  Will you rub my back please."

He rubs.  His rubs are soothing.  His hands are big; they're warm.  They comfort.

It's cold.  I adore cold, sunny mornings... God's mornings.  His beauty shining brightly on me.  His "Good morning daughter" to me.

I pray, "Thank you that I can be thankful.  Thank you Lord for allowing me to see a new day.  Thank you that we are all seeing another day together.  Thank you Lord for Ann and continue to watch over them and protect them.  Bless them."

I'm at peace again.  They boys will start back with basketball in the new year, first Monday of the month.

It's late, and I really need to get up, but I linger...enjoying the moment.  My older son knocks on the -- he's 17,"Mom I'm going to make pancakes, sausage and eggs."

"Okay, thanks son." I yell from the other side.  "I'll be up in a minute."

I'm thankful for God challenging me through Ann Voskamp to see the beauty in the everyday, for seeing the cross in the clothes line, for looking beyond the obvious,  for appreciating and seeing that "all is grace.

My celebration of greatfulness for my endless gifts #'s 1-17

~ A new day
~ Sunny days
~ Women bloggers
~ Cold days
~ Husband big, warm, steady hands
~ A son who loves to cook
~ leaves turning colors
~ fallen leaves
~ naked trees
~ back rubs
~ God's whispers to my heart
~ Being still
~ His peace
~ You...
~ Ann Voskamp who challenges me to see beauty and everything through His eyes... and that when it's all said and done, "All is grace."
~ gratitude
~ the community


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