Hearing Him say, "Well done my good and faithful servant" draws me to Him

It's early.  Still dark out.  The house is quiet.  I can't sleep.  I toss and turn.  All that is on my mind is Him.

"How have I lived my life?"  I think

"Is my life counting for anything, really?"

"Am I really making a kingdom difference here on earth?"

"How do we know, or can we even know that we are living His will for our lives out as we should?"

"How can I know Lord and be assured?"

My craving sits me up.  Slowly I get out of bed, careful not to wake my husband of twenty-years (today is our wedding anniversary).

The mattress makes an unattractive sound.  I head to the bathroom to wash up, while closing the door I hear a squeak...a loud squeak. 

The silence seems so loud this morning.  I hope I don't wake anyone.  I want to be alone.  I need to be alone.  To think.  To listen.  To be...

After washing up, I head to the kitchen to make a hot cup of green tea.  I hear the refrigerator. 

"Man it's loud," I think.

Now it's time for me to meet Him.  "What will we talk about?"  I wonder.  My Father and I.

The yearning and anticipation for Him overwhelms me.

What is drawing me closer to Him today?  Well, beside the death of my Aunt, my ache for Him is coming from my desire of not wanting to live in vain.  I want my life to count for the kingdom.  I want to hear God say to me, "Angie you've been 'A good and faithful servant.' "

A perfect servant I am not, but I want to be good and faithful at what He gives me to do.

I've learned that the only way I can do this...learn what His will is for me and work at accomplishing it, is by talking to Him, listening to Him...hearing what He says to me.

This sharpens my spiritual antennas.

I become alert ... in tune.

"In the early morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went away to a secluded place, and was praying there."

My friend this is Jesus our Lord.

Jesus Christ, God's Son, who was born of a woman...fully human and divine.  He took the time to meet His Father in prayer and talk.

If you're anything like me, it's not always easy to find this time, especially if you have children and it becomes even harder at times with those who have small children and babies.  I know for me whenever I had a moment to myself during that season of my life, I always tried to sleep when they slept.

We must remember, prayer is a vital link between us and our Maker.

Would you make a consciences effort, today, in striving to break away from other things and people in order for you to spend time with Him,  even if it means getting up very early to do it?

Spending time with Him Saint is the only way we're able to accomplish His will here on earth.  This is how we learn to fulfill our purpose.

Desiring to fulfill my purpose before I leave here and go home as well as my desire to hear Him say to me, "Well done my good and faithful servant," is what's drawing me nearer to Him this week.

UPDATE:  For those of you visitng from Ann's, I'm sorry, I just realized when I went to read her post and some of yours that we were supposed to talk about our Christmas practice.  So sorry, that I didn't write about that and can't share about it next week as Christmas will be over.


  1. I've been asking myself this all week. How do I hear those words? It's so challenging to find the time. I get so caught up in diaper changes, meal prep and shoot, SLEEP! Thank you for sharing.


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