Thankful for precious moments

For several years now, it seems to be the season for cancer to attack my love ones...  I will spare you the details as it will only make me in essences I'm spared as well.

One thing I've come to learn more about and appreciate is God's grace, mercy, kindness,  and love.  I'm understanding it in new and different ways.    But the thing that has really caught me by surprise ... the one thing that my circumstances has taught me to appreciate is something I'd taken for granted.  And that is to have gratitude for ...



I've come to realize this is all I truly have, this moment (and my past).

I'm thankful that because of circumstances -- I'm learning to enjoy the small things and I'm learning to enjoy people.  People who are messed up and flawed, like me. 

In times passed I was the one who so easily held the mistakes of others against them, so much so until I would disappear out of their lives.  I'm so glad my God has never done such a thing to me.

I'm thankful I can smile.  I'm thankful that God has still given me the ability to laugh with my sick loved ones.  To see pass the pain.

But I think, at this moment in my life, I'm thankful to have the PRIVILEGE to simply say to those who mean the most to me:



This moment
Ability to say, "I love you."
To share what I'm learning with others

I graciously ask that you take the time to read this excerpt called THE PERFECT MOMENT.  I hope it causes you to stop and think too.

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