He gives what's required for His purpose

When some out-of-the ordinary supply is needed in order for us to accomplish the job God has given us, we can be confident He will provide.

"Shoes of Iron" were asked of Moses' blessing for Asher, an impossibly long-lasting provision from God.  The old spiritual says, 'I got shoes, you got shoes, all God's children got shoes ..."

But not all God's children have iron ones.   Only those who need them.

Our heavenly Father knows exactly what we will require to fulfill His purposes for usIt is wrong—it is in fact, a sin for us to worry about where the shoes will come from.  "Trust me!" 

God says to us.  "I'll give you iron ones if only iron ones can do this job."

I worried this morning about the seemingly impossibility of doing everything that needs to be done today, tomorrow and for next week since I'm now working outside the home for the next three months (and still homeschooling).

Then I remembered this article from Elisabeth Elliot's book, 'A Lamp for My Feet.'  What else did I remember?

I say it here a lot and I will continue saying it.  He reminded me of it, yet again, during morning prayer:

"Strength according to my day's need is promised and any special need—"iron shoes" or whatever—will also be forthcoming."


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