Making habit: A dare to live fully right where I am

This year seems to be the year that I've taken to consciously form habits.  My goals are simple:

energetically search for wisdom.  treasure His commandments within my heart. make my ear attentive to wisdom.  incline my heart to understanding and ... and pray for the hidden treasures that wisdom holds.

Ann Voskamp has written a book, "One Thousand Gifts:  A dare to live fully right where you are."  I haven't been able to shake that title—that dare.  I'm going to accept that dare, challenge, if you will.  This dare is what I'm going to practice to become habit.  Living fully right where I am.  To do this I believe the above goals are necessary for it takes wisdom to see the true beauty in such a dare.  It takes wisdom to recognize the hidden treasures of the one thousand gifts that stare us in the face each and every day—365 days a year.

How will this practice of habit began for day at a time.  One prayer at a time.  It's His will.  All I have to do is come before Him with arms stretched asking Him to help me through the moment...the hour...the day, and He will.

He says, "ask what you will in my name..."

I ask Him to not let me forget my commitment to seeing His one thousand gifts 365 days.  I ask Him to let me be mindful each waking moment that I'm to fully and completely live right where I am.

Will you pray for me too?  That I—His undisciplined daughter will be disciplined enough to form this habit.

Please join us in community over at Dayspring's Book Club as we participate with Ann via video in discussion about her new book.


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