Making habit: praying for others

It's still dark out though it's morning.  The house is hushed.  Still.

I rise to talk to Him—Creator and the creature.  I'm remembering my spiritual practices—the one that draws me closer to Him.  The things that we write about on Wednesday's over at Ann Voskamps.

I'm reading Colossians—not necessarily trying to memorize it as Ann and other's are doing.  I'm simply reading through it.  I plan on reading through it several times this year to see ... what He has for me there.  I love reading and then re-reading scripture.  I always over look things and He always has more to say to me during each read and re-read.  I love that, communing with Him.  And I love when He works through others...setting me on fire by the ordinary person, His men and His women.

That's what He's doing to me through Ann and a few other bloggers.  Who would have known when I began this journey of blogging that it would first be done to share my walk with Him with others, and then that other's walk with Him would be so uplifting and motivating to me?  That's the way He works.

The ordinary motivating the ordinary as they give themselves to Him.  Amazing.

I'm still looking for one thousands gifts and striving to live fully right where I am.  I'm also making many new practices—habbits, as I've shared with you in many of my post.

Today is no different.  While reading through Colossians I came to a little table that talked about "Praying for others."  That got me to thinking:  Do I pray for others?  Who are the others I pray for and why?

People let me tell you something about me ... "I sure do fall short."

Yes, I pray for loved members...a few friends and others here and there.  I've noted that I really pray for people when I want God to "show them themselves."  Isn't that something?  A bit selfish I might add... but He still loves me—even still.

So—another habit that I'm taking up is praying for others.

How many people in your life could be touched if you pray in this way?

How to pray for others:

  • Be thankful for their faith and changed lives.
  • Ask God to help them know what He wants them to do.
  • Ask God to give them deep spiritual understanding.
  • Ask God to help them live for Him.
  • Ask God to give them more knowledge of Himself.
  • Ask God to give them strength for endurance.
  • Ask God to fill them with joy, strength and thankfulness
"Get rid of sin and evil because you have been chosen by God to live a new life as a representative of the Lord Jesus." ~ NASB


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