Pursuing His one thousand gifts in the ordinary ...

Giving thanks for now...this moment, this time...that's what gratitude looks like to me.

I use to think it was about giving a BIG thank you when the extraordinary happened, but I've come to learn that my routine...day-to-day work of: working, writing, schooling my children, cleaning of the house; the cooking of meals, mothering, being his wife and His daughter are all part of my extraordinary work.  And that is where I also find Him...my Father— I AM, in the doing of my calling.

It's not just in church where I find Him, or in the reading of His book, or doing "good deeds" ..., no I find Him and the gifts right there in my living out what He has taught me in church, and the reading of His book.  In the midst of me "living" I find Him...I feel Him ... beside me...talking to me...guiding me...teaching me.

And that's where I find my joy.  "I find joy in the tarry there."

Did you know that gratitude is the key to living a contented (happy) life?  Why?

Most of the time we can't display gratitude because we are anxious about one thing or another.  There is some issue—some thing that begs our attention; therefore, instead of us focusing on Him we focus on "it."  Our eyes become fixed on the issue at hand.  Here's the key, though:

I know you've heard it said, just as I have, but it's true and worth repeating.  I'm learning and practicing this more—don't have it together totally and I doubt if I ever will, but I'm starting and if you haven't begun, now you can.  "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication WITH THANKSGIVING {gratitude} let your request be made known to God and the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus."Philippians 4: 6-7

That's the key right there!  When we practice this God gives us His peace, and having that peace allows us to live FULLY right where we are! 

Each Monday, I participate along with some fellow Christian bloggers in sharing our gratitude list.  Not a bucket list, but a gratitude list.  It's a multitude of things that we share—things that we're grateful for. 

We hunt down the seemingly unimportant things...things that the normal heart would take for granted.  We are a bunch of dedicated women who have made a decision to pursue gratitude, and in our pursuit we have found gifts—abundant gifts...soul changing gifts.s

The blog host, Ann Voskamp started this movement (that's Ann sitting in the middle on the video talking) several years ago and now she has a newly released book, "One thousand gifts: A dare to live fully right where you are."

As flawed people finding joy and gratitude in the not so obvious things can seem—dauting and not so thrilling at first, but I promise this is the secret to life.  the key to living a more fulfilled and rewarding life.

Dear friend, I'd like for you to accept the dare of Ann Voskamp along with many other ladies (and a few men) to live your life fully right where you are.

Dare yourself to find the gifts in your ordinary life, your ordinary surroundings!  Their there... all one thousand of them and then some more just waiting for you to discover!

Gratitude list:

~ Ann V's blog

~ community of bloggers

~ other Christians

~ Second Baptist Church (North Campus)

~ Sam Roberts my new employer

~ Pam my new co-worker

~ people who do e-filing for taxes (my clients)

~ David Rupert High Calling Blog

Home school community

~ the love of expressing myself through words ~ writing ~

~ bloom (in) courage for choosing Ann's book for us to discuss

~ Gratitude community

~ Jenny H for all of her blog help

~ overcast days

~ house filled with too many school books scattered about

~ watching football with my husband

~ talking to parents on the phone

~ waking through the night to walk the house and check on my babies

~ putting blankets on cold kids who have kicked covers off

~ reaching down to rub sleeping childs face and give them a kiss


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