The wives of the five American missionaries who were speared to death speak {and more pictures of Valerie Elliot Shepard & her family}. Keeping their story alive!

In January 1956 the world was shocked when learning that five American missionaries had
been speared to death in the Equardorian jungles by the Auca Indians who were reported, at that time, to be the most savage tribe on earth. 

"What seemed to all the world like a tragic ending of the missionaries' dream to reach this isolated tribe was only the first chapter of one of the most breathtaking missionary stories of the twentieth century"

In the video below the wives of the five men speak of their husbands.

Below are some pictures of Jim & Elisabeth Elliot's daughter Valerie Elliot Shepard and her family.  For any of you who have Elisabeth's book The Savage My Kinsman, she's the little blond haired darling who is all grown up now with not only children of her own, but grandchildren too. 

Valerie gave me access to these pictures to share about a year and a half-ago now.  I had them up on one of my blogs, but took them down because folks were downloading them to their computers (yes people, I can see when you click on them or even save them to your computer, and even forward them by email.  I ask that you do none of the above without written consent from either myself or Valerie). 

I have decided to put them up again because finally so many of you are honoring my wishes, and so many of you have wanted to see Jim & Elisabeth Elliot's most beloved. 

Please enjoy the heritage of the Elliot's and continue to keep the family in your prayers.

Don't you just love all of their beautiful smiles!  Valerie's life and the life of her parents' have blessed me, and I know others way more than they will ever know or can imagine on this side of heaven.

I hope these pictures will put a smile on your face today.  Don't forget to keep them and our dear Elisabeth in your prayers.

In talking about Elisabeth & the dreams of the five missionaries, it is my hope to always keep their dream alive.  Their dream should be our dream... to go forth and share the gospel.  It is my hope that this blog does just that.

Blessings dear friends and many thanks!!!

See the article of Frank Drown, the man who found the bodies of the five missionaries.


  1. This is WONDERUL, Angela! How blessed we are that you were able to share these pictures with us. I am so thankful to know you are doing your utmost to keep this story alive. Our generation needs to read this story and to catch a glimpse of the unselfish vision of these five brave and devoted men. I just emailed you and explained how my family and I have come to know about this story. I wish there was a way I could let Elisabeth or Valerie know how much this book "Through Gates of Splendor" has impacted our lives. I am so happy to find your blog. Love and blessings to you, Cheryl


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