So glad He loves me

The LORD never cease to amaze me.

Have any of you ever desired something, never really praying about it.  Well, I take that back—you pray about it, maybe even often, but you pray and then leave it alone.  Believing that He will answer, but not until the far-future (you believe).

I wish I could express my feelings in regards to this issue in a way that I know you could understood. 

What I'm trying to convey is that God does give us the desires of our hearts.  Some times we have to wait a long time for some of those desires to come forth and sometimes we don't.

Regardless, please be encourage that when we have desires and needs...

The Father gives us some of those desires when He knows that He will be glorified.

The Father also graciously takes care of the needs of His children.

Day-by-day He is continuing to care for me before I can even breath out through words what some of my desires and needs are.

I'm so glad that my Father in heaven loves me.  That He cares so much about me that He who sits in heaven finds me worthy to examine and take note of ...

He the all knowing...omniscient, omnipresent ... finds me...flawed and fallible...He finds me LOVABLE.

Ladies, this is one man we can be assured LOVES US.

Every Monday, I participate in a community with other bloggers.  We express our multitude of gratitude to our Father.

On Wednesday's we share in practices that draw us closer to Him. 

Would you please consider joining us?

The List: #'s 38-58

Him loving me
hanging out in the kitchen making memories
kitchen & house beauties
cold weather
new job
parents new house
hot green tea
my new church
seasons in my life
friends who love me in spite of my flaws
children old enough to cook and be left home alone
disorganized house
piles of laundry
children laughing
ability to learn
His Word

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