Training days

Facing  times of troubles?

In my morning devotions I read a conversation between God and Jeremiah where God explained to Him why he was having troublesome days.

I'm so sure God's  respond is the same to YOU and ME many times.

When we're going through problems troublesome moments can be very useful.  A good way to look at our troubles is to think of them as "Our training."  They're our "training days."

I'm convinced that it is in the days of difficulties that we are able to see what kind of character we've developed.  To check your character begin to discern your own actions—learn what they mean.   You can check for things such as:

What is your thinking like when you are facing certain troubles?

How do you feel within?

Are you angry?  Why?  Why not?

Are you blaming someone else?  Or have you taken on too much of the blame?

How is your relationship with God, now?

How is your relationship with others?  What are those close to you telling you they see going on with you?  Listen to close friends and family?

It is in the times of trouble—our training days, that we can become stronger, grow in character.  Become the man or woman we long to be.

In reading the conversation between God and Jeremiah you see that God uses trouble for our good.  When we face trouble let's try not to complain.  The trouble we face today or tomorrow ...trains us to face more difficult situations in the future and before we know it, we'll look up and see that we are that woman or man of God that we've prayed to become and we have our troubles—the problems that He has allowed in our life to thank for helping develop our character.

Read Jeremiah 12 & 13 to see the interaction that takes place between man and his creator.


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