Beyond The Gates of Splendor, part 2

Today we're going to look at part 2, of the video Beyond The Gates of Splendor.
I hope you were blessed, last week, by the story of the five missionary men who gave their lives for their faith.  It is my hope, too, that you were inspired to make your ordinary life an (extra) ordinary life—just by doing whatever it is He's called you to.

Wherever you are—yes, wherever,be all there and let Him work through you.

These men and their families were no different from you and me.  If there is a difference, the only difference is they were obedient where some of us may not be.  I don't know.  What I do know is just like God used these men to impact lives in their time and season, He means for us to do the same.  And who knows 40 plus years later...someone may be reading or writing your story.  Sharing how you in your "ordinary" way impacted them extraordinary. 


"What makes our labor holy, what makes it eternal is not just the work but the state of our hearts while performing that work.  When we comprehend that truth, then we realize washing dishes is as significant to the kingdom as operating on a patient; driving a truck is as eternally triumph as leading a company.  Then, even in the zig-zags of our careers, when life seems more random than ordered, when it feels like we're running in thick and with heavy boots, we can rest in the knowledge we're serving God as we labor faithfully and diligently."

~ Randy Kilgore, Made to matter (thank you David R)


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