Depressed by your circumstances?

Give Him thanks!

Giving thanks for all things is making a tremendous difference in my life. I wrote this article sometime ago, way before I learned about Ann Voskamp's blog: A Holy Experience and her Gratitude Community.  Maybe, now, some of you understand why I'm so drawn to her.  She speaks my heart—my language, and she has a lot of kids just like me!

I thank God for giving me the opportunity to blog and to share with you my heart-felt and most convicting thoughts.  One thing that has really drawn me to participate in this Gratitude Community is that as I go about visiting your blogs I see a lot of me in you.  We are like minded you and me.  I'm beginning to think of you all as friends—my "kinfolk."  Realizing this makes me feel comfortable, and relax in your midst, ready to share.

Today, I share a piece of my heart with you, and I thank you in advance for allowing me to be so comfortable in doing so.

I pray that God touches your heart and through something that you read today and anytime you visit this blog.  So moving along ... 

Giving the Lord "thanks" in all things feels a bit peculiar at first and at times.
The reason being is that, I am choosing my disposition.  Let me just say right now that even though I've chosen to practice this for myself: make no mistake problems still arise.  Difficulties still find their way to me.  Yet, I choose  ... . 

Why is this choice so difficult you may ask?

The Bible says, "For we know that the whole creation groans and suffers in pains of childbirth together until now." ~ Romans 8:22

When Adam & Even sinned, way back in the garden all creation fell into damnationthus the earth quakes, it storms, it rages and it burns—longing for Peace Himself.  The earth too suffered when Adan & Even sinned, it went from perfect to imperfect making all its inhabitants subject to frustrations and sorrows.

" everything give thanks, for this is the will for you in Christ Jesus." ~ 1 Thess. 5:18. 

Our heavenly Father doesn't want us having fair-weathered emotions; although He understands when we do.  God wants us to give thanks in all circumstances.  This attitude goes against all of our "natural" human tendencies I know.  But it's something we can do.  We must do.  You and I must wake up purposing in our hearts each day to give the Creator thanks.  Giving thanks is a moment-by-moment decision.  I say that  it's a decision that we must purpose to make long before circumstances arise.

By becoming "purposeful" in our hearts we obey Him.  Living a "thanksgiving" life will allow you to start  seeing people and circumstances through new lens of perspective.  It is in this way of life that you find true Peace.  Peace from within.  Not perfection, but Peace.  You begin to experience your holy walk in a new and different way.  You sup with Him.  He sups with you.  You feel His oneness and you become encourage to live out your "thankful" life more and more.

"Giving thanks in all things" is the will of God the Father for His children.  Will you obey?


Purpose in your heart this week (or month if you are brave) to give the Lord thanks for all your circumstances.  This helps us to not become depressed by our circumstances.

Remember Israel in the wilderness?

Why did God take them "the way of the wilderness?"  He knew they would be frighten if they saw the Philistines at war, and may want to go back to Egypt.  God is always looking out for His children's good even when it doesn't feel so good—y'all (sorry had to add my Texas twang in there).

Here's what I'd like for y'all to do: keep a journal of your experiences.

Here's to you giving Him thanks and counting your blessings one by one.

~ Gratitude List ~ #'s 38-67

your uplifting & encouraging comments
God's grace
ice storms—causing us to cuddle & be still
baking peach cobbler
fresh laundry
clean house
watching Superbowl with husband and sons, though I know nothing about football
beautiful blankets & quilts
warm socks
tears of release ... letting go ...saying "good bye"
His comfort
His love
husband sharing how my blog post is helping him
husband reading of blog...daily
him letting me help him ... use my gifts
writing for Him
denying self for only Him
pretty sweaters
skirts ~ make me feel feminine
jeans ~ comfort and cute
coconut oil
grapeseed oil
husband noticing the "softness" of my skin
Kids noticing mom's skin is soft, so they rub on mom

Share your thoughts.  I'd love to hear from you.

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