The Eucharist lifestyle

To live fully right where I am...numbering gifts is how I will live out the remainder of my life, be it near are far.

This numbering of gifts is souls food.  It satisfies. 

Relationships, life they are all seen through a different perspective.  Even the way I look at myself.  As Ann says in her book, there are some hard thanks, but I'm even learning with those that many of them—the ugly situations will be the very situations that allows the beauty to glow.  His beauty. 

I want Him...His beauty.  Long to fill my days with Him more.  This is what the counting of gifts is doing for me.  I feel the pull—the yearn of wanting to be His woman again.  I continue to feel Him here in the moments.  I know that He's pleased.  He likes this: me counting gifts.

I must become more obedient and live more of a Eucharist life...right here.  Right now.  Even in the ugly.

"Thanksgiving is possible not because everything goes perfectly, but because God is present.  The Spirit of God is within us—nearer to us than our own breath.  It is a discipline choose to stitch our days together with the thread of gratitude.  But the decision to do so is guaranteed to stitch us closer to God.  Attend to the truth that 'bidden or unbidden' God is present.'" ~ Erasmus

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