The distractions of my morning prayers

I'm bended, fragile knees on pillow.  Head resting in palms and my thoughts are on Him, for a while anyway.  At this moment all I hear are the breaths of my husband.  I watch him.  Inhale.  Exhale.  I focus.  I remember our first meeting. I give thanks: eucharisteo.  How more so now than ever do I know the brevity of life.  "Life is loss."  So I remind God that regardless of the struggles that Husband and I endure.  Regardless of the frustration of lack...  I rather be with him then to be without him.  I pray for him.  He's tired.  His eatery opens today.  He was up all night at the restaurant preparing.

My prayers are interrupted with yet other things.  I hear the melodic chorus of birds. Gracing me in beautiful song early morning.  I see  "all is grace" this morning.   This too is a gift from His hand.  I want to see them, but I'm still on my knees: praying?  I want to feed them.  Finally I get up and take a look out of our glass back door.  I spy them.  They're perched on the naked branches in my back yard tree, and some are at the feeders. 

I grab their food and go out.  The spring weather causes me to release a great sighI take it all in.  Eyes closed.  I smell the earth.  Wet grass.  I open eyes to see the rebirthing.  A new.  I thank Him for this gift.  And I scatter the food.  Food for His creation.  They fly to the fence: red ones.  Gray ones.  Blue ones.  Yellow.  Teeny-tiny ones.

I stand back and watch them partake of their morning bread and I give thanks.  I become the blessing.  The giver.  Suddenly my focus is on two birds at the feeder.  To my disbelief they are fighting!  One is eating and the other is pecking him continuously.  I want to scold.  The poor bird is attempting to eat, but can't savor.  He has to grab a bite, and then fight.  Grab and fight.  This song and dance between the two carries on for well over a minute, when one of the perching birds finally has enough and swoops down and begins pecking both birds.  Eventually forcing the two fighters to the back of the line on the branch.

Then I remember the words of my Father to them who brought iniquity to us, "Cursed is the ground because of you..." Gen. 3:17b.  Yes.  Adam and Eve sins has caused all of creation to moan, groan and display the sin now embedded into our being.  I see it in me daily.  I sit outside and watch a little longer.  I watch and pray.  Watch and pray.

The choice you make can have an everlasting effect on those you love and know now and those who are to come in the next generation.  Choose  your actions wisely.


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