God satisfies my soul

'My soul is satisfied as marrow and fatness." 

Because of this Lord... because of the satisfaction You bring me, the comfort You give to me, the love You express toward me... You loving me when I walk with You, Your love for me when I talk with you... when You and I sit late night—early morning communing.  When I'm so wrapped up in me, my life and what I'm doing that I don't walk with You or talk with You.

In spite of this...my falls and my short-comings.  You, O' Lord and only You wait for me, even still.  You wait for me with outstretch hands in the fullness of Your Love and the fullness of Your grace.  You wait.   You help.  You love.

So shall my mouth, dear Father—as long as it holds the breath You have given...so shall my breath offer praises with the utmost lips of joy to you.

Thank You O' God my Father.


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