Journaling & praying your Bible reading

This is praying time, and the act of listening in prayers is the same act as listening in writing. ~ Madeleine L' Engle

One of the things I find much pleasure in is reading God's Word alone in total solitude and quaintness.  There's a contentment—closeness that I experience curling up on a couch, chair or even my bed, beverage in hand going for long extensive hours reading, praying, questioning, writing, and sharing my heart with the one who loves me and knows me most.  How good it feels to be with someone you know really loves you, and is not judging who you are.  God accepts.  To me, being in that space with the Father is as close to heaven as I will get here on earth.  Nothing at all that I've experienced, thus far, can surpass the joy, peace and contentment that comes from those relishing moments.  Nothing.

One of the things I do often is re-read through a book in the Bible or passage.  Immediately upon finishing a  reading.  I re-read.  Sometimes I'll re-read a book or passage for 10 times or more.  This practice really produces much insight for me and I always come away feeling as if I've sat at I AM's feet. 

Right now, I'm re-reading the book of Ephesians.  I'm on my second read.  My goal is to read it at least 15 times today and see what nuggets the Lord reveals.  Take my temperature—if you will, and see where He leads me from there.  Just in case you want to try it or something similar I posted the steps below. 

Please remember, I am surely no expert.  However, I don't think there is a wrong or write way for this exercise (if it can even be called that).  It is just MY WAY.

The steps:

1.  Read the Scripture.  In this case I'm reading Ephesians and will start at the beginning.

2.  Listen.  I listen to my heart.  I listen intently with my heart asking God for direction.

3.  Jot down thoughts & Scripture.  Next I write what I feel God's leading is.  I always jot down the Scripture I'm reading to.  Writing for me solidifies things in my mind.  It helps me understand and remember.

No need to worry if you're doing this right.  This is a you & God thing.

Okay, here's an example:  Look at 1*18.  I would write this as a bullet point like so...making it a prayer and placing it in my prayer book journal..  So it would look like this:

  • Dear Lord, I pray that the eyes of my heart may be enlighten, so that I will know what is the hope of Your calling ...
I always include myself and other's that I'm praying for names into the prayers.

Finally, be sure to note what God is revealing to you.  That's it!

You talk about sweet!  Get ready to enjoy yourself and become spoiled with the time that your Lord and you shares!

"I write with brutal, tear-stained honesty the agony of right now ..." Jerry Phillips


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