Searching for food leads me back to the Bread of Life

Have you ever searched for something only to realize once you found it, that it was never as far off as you thought?

That's sort of how it is for me with Jesus and my Christian walk at times.  Sometimes I stray ... in search of?  I find out very quickly from searching deep and looking wide that all I long for I already have, all of the wants, the desires and the hopes are mine for the asking.

Where are they to be found?

I have these things and more in abundance in the person of Jesus Christ.  "Man is a hungry being, says Alexander Shememann, but often times don't realize the insatiable hunger is for God."

I am a hungry soul with a hearty appetite, always on the prowl for tasty meals.  This insatiable hunger for food causes me to stray out of the boundaries of my diet.  There is always that "sugar rush."  My diet crash sends me right back to the starting point where I have to begin the process of eating properly all over again.  The walk with Him...attitude...actions have to begin again.  This is my fall, the slowing down.

I get up again to start the race over—my race with a slow jog.  I sprint toward the finish line, determine not only to run my race, but to finish the race that my God has set before me.


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