A prayer for writers

One of my favorite bloggers—writers is Ann Voskamp.  She is one of the most poetic, talented & creative person that I've come across in a while.  I appreciate dearly the giving of herself to God and to us through her writing.

Ann inspires me to want to do better ... to be better.   

This is one of Ann's poems—

A prayer for writers

God of the Word, we ask you

Give us a Word.

Your daughters are hungry.

We are women of the Word,

Wielding words You take around the world.

Weave the curve of our letters on screens

into baskets, baskets heavy with that which deeply, fully fills.

Weave the curve of our letters into baskets that offer up the only food that satisfies… You.

May you meet us, your Word women, such women, at a time such as this,

and reveal to us Your will for our words… We long not to be not to be recognized or lauded or

discovered… We long for simply thisto glorify your name,and spread your praise and you honor and your fame.  Make us a success not in sitemeters but in

Your site alone and give us a hunger for the upside down kingdom…. In the name of the Word wrapped in

flesh, the God-Man made bread, broken, and passed around….

In Jesus name…Amen.

Please click on the link to hear Ann Voskamp reading one of her blog post {A Mother's Day post} on the Drew Marshall radio show.

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