The dawn of a new begining, 2

So I heard the voice, and became hooked on Elisabeth Elliot and Gateway to Joy.

The one thing that helped me almost more than any other thing to-date are the free resources that Back to the Bible offered.  Had it not been for those resources I don't know where I would have been.

Each morning after my devotions, I would cook breakfast while listening to Elisabeth.  I was a distraught mother of two, pregnant, with a husband who didn't make enough money to take care of all of our financial needs.  Yet, as Elisabeth instructed, I would pray and ask God to show me His will. 

Each time to my dismay I would sense Him telling me to "be still."  "Be still?"  That didn't make sense as we were in dire need of more money.  "Wouldn't I seem lazy and unmotivated to others?  Who would understand my reasoning for not helping my husband financially?"  Seemed to me like I was in a mess.  But I held on to God hoping He would see my heart of obedience to Him.

"Lord You can have my life to do with it as You will."  This was my continuous prayer.

I was praying and praying.  Offering up my life for whatever God chose for me, but nothing good was happening. 

One morning after the show Lisa Berry came on with an offer of getting the book, The Savage My Kinsman, for free.  All I had to do was call.  We didn't have a phone.  I prayed, "Lord I really want that book."

"Go to the office and use their phone," was the thought that popped in my mind.

I went to the office and called the toll-free number.

Peace.  Contentment and loved flooded my heart as I went back to the apartment.

Happily I cooked, cleaned, prayed and read Scripture as I pondered on the difference the book would make in my life.  I wondered, "God what are you doing?"

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