Discouraged in ministry? Don't give up, your blessing is coming!

`Experiencing hardship or calamity in your ministry is not an indication that God didn't call you to that ministry, nor is it an indication that He's not going to come through."

Has God given you a vision, called you to do a specific ministry?

Today I would like to encourage you to keep going, by sharing the testimony of Lisa Ojesina with you all.  As many of you are now aware, I love the ministry of Dr. Carolyn Miller who does a blog talk radio program, "Getting Good at Life."  I have found many treasures by listening to her show.  Her program inspires me and challenges me to really want to get "good at life."  To give my life my very best.

Lisa Ojesina, the lady whose testimony you are about to hear, left her six figure career to start a ministry that produced no income.  No income for six years!

Please listen to the show to find out how Lisa's commitment to God and to the plan that He had for her life paid off!

I hope Lisa's testimony inspires you to keep keeping on.  Don't give up on what God has called you to do.  If God has called you to do it, He will equip you.  He will direct you.


To turn off the music, simply scroll down and click the big button {I think its the big button}.

Be inspired.

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