How compassionate are you?

You know I talk a lot about my faith on this blog.  And I work very hard at putting my faith in action.  The one area in my life where I always feel I fall short is when it comes to helping those who I am not close to.  Those who are not in my immediate family or extended church family.

Sure.  If someone calls me specifically and shares a need and if I am able to help I do.  But I don't over-extend myself enough.  I'm way too comfortable in my lifestyle and my indulgences.  God continues to press this on my heart, and for whatever reason I keep brushing it off.  But as I've been telling my husband all week.  I feel inspired to action.  Inspired to do something to help the children with Compassion Bloggers.

I don't think God has allowed me to become a member of Compassion Bloggers just to blog about "a cause."  Their cause.  No.  He wants me to do more.

At first I told myself that the reason I hadn't sponsored a child yet was because I didn't know if the money was really going to the children, but Shaun Groves and a few other bloggers answered that silent question of mine.  So ...

Now the question is?  Will I be willing to maybe sacrifice an extra $38 a month for what I truly believe God is calling me to do—sponsor a child.  As of right now I am, and as soon as I post this blog post ... I am going to go and search for my child.

You guys know I am going to let you know the good, bad and ugly of my actions regardless.

I'm thinking it may be good for us to chose a child together as a family.  You know get my children involved in the choosing too.

Okay, I'll let you guys know, but in the mean time consider this:

Sometimes You Crawl
  • Print out this page and put it on your fridge. Pray for their food each time you get yours.
  • Take 5 minutes to look at your budget. Find the extra $38 hiding in there.
  • As a reader mentioned she’s doing with her family, read through some of the Compassion Bloggers posts as a devotion time or at bedtime. Let it stir your children’s hearts.
  • If you are a sponsor, print a picture to send to your child today.
Sometimes You Leap
Sometimes when you don’t know what to do, you just leap.
Here’s the Key
 Do something. Now. Maybe you need to crawl. Maybe you need to leap.But do something. Because doing nothing accomplishes nothing.But action begets action. What’s the point of being inspired if it doesn’t change us?

To read more about the stories that go along with the pictures please visit the individual Compassion Bloggers at their blogs.


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