How made up is your mind?

I love caring for my family.  Nothing gives me greater joy than to do laundry while picking up and washing dishes—gazing out the kitchen window.  Letting the dreams take me far.

At times however, I get irritated and feel as if I'm not appreciated.  I'll clean up the kids room, put away their clean clothes only to find out a few days later that not only is that same room a mess, but they've taken the clean clothes and put them back in the pile to be washed.

My reaction to this kind of treatment sometimes is to go on a strike.

I've come to find out that the strike {things that don't get done} bothers me way more negatively than it does my family, and I become stress.

So I've resolved some things within myself.  I've made up my mind.

Since I find pleasure in an orderly home.  And I love cleaning and caring for my family in this manner, I'm resolving within myself today not to give into the pressures I feel when they don't do as I think they should.

Yeah, they may have to suffer certain consequences due to their actions, but I'm resolving not to let their actions cause me to react negatively.

I ve made up my mind to honor God in my reaction.

What about you?  Have you made up your mind about some things?


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