Queen Esther, a picture of grace, wisdom and patience

Lessons of grace, wisdom and patience's learned from Queen Ester:

  • Stop- Before trying to rightly handle a wrong situation, Esther paused.  She didn't rush headlong into just any course of action.
  • Wait- Time is a precious asset which cannot be bought.  Waiting gave Esther time to gather the facts {Esther 4:5}
  • Consult- Waiting also meant important time for Esther to seek counsel from her wise cousin Mordecai {Verses 12-14}
  • Pray- Waiting gave Esther time to fast and pray about her task and how she would approach the king {Verse 16}
  • Decide- Time, counsel, and prayer moved Esther to choose a plan of action and move forward with the triumphant attitude of "If I perish, I perish!" {Verse 16}
  • Act- Before she asked for what she wanted, Esther prepared a special dinner for King Ahasuerus and Haman to test the waters and assess the king's frame of mind. {5:4-5}
  • Adjust- Discerning and sensitive to the situation, Esther wisely waited and prepared yet another dinner before asking her husband to save her people {Verse 8}.  During this second banquet Esther made her request.  And the result, by God's grace working through Esther's wisdom?  The king acted to protect the Jews! ~ Elisabeth George

Ladies, Esther's path to wisdom can also be out path.

Nowhere in the ten chapters of Esther's story will you find anger or agitation, violence or panic, rashness or reaction.  Esther knew that out-of-control emotions do not accomplish God's will.  Every woman can stop, wait, consult, pray, decide, act, and adjust.


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