Summer days

We laugh.  We talk as we stroll about admiring things in the store. "Ooo.  Ahh." We say as we pick things up to touch, feel.  On and on we chatter interrupting each others sentences, finishing them too.

I think to myself, "He's done it again.  God has answered my heart-felt prayer.  He loves me this I know."

I cried out to Him, just yesterday, "Father help me.  Help me make my children first priority again.  First before my beloved blogging.  First before my beloved writing, and before Internet socializing.  First before the phone calls, the errands.  First before this and first before that.  Give us the opportunity to be just my children and me.  Give us opportunities with no expectations." 

Today it's just us.  My first born, second born and me.  I'd thought that maybe they would not want to be with me—hanging out, spending time with me their mama..

I remember a time when all they wanted was me.  But that time is fleeting.  I see it passing me by.  Back then I was their world.  Now I compete with phones, texting, Facebook and friends.

We leave the store headed home, but not before finding our place under a shaded umbrella protecting ourselves from the Texas sun.  We sit on wooden benches waiting for relief.  Relief that will come in the form of a snow cone—snow cone made from shaved ice.

My heart is full as I listen to them, watch them.  I'm happy and they are too.

A mother loves seeing her children beaming with joy, especially when the joy comes from being together ... spending time with her.

Simple summer days in the Texas heat laughing and talking with my children are days that are full of grace from His hand.  They are full of sunshine and the expression of love all coming from Him.

The love from a family.  Priceless.

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