Your life's story

Yesterday while watching and listening to my children interact with their friends, I began to wonder about their life's course and ponder on the many road's my life has taken.

I've made so many mistakes friends until I also wonder if those mistakes haven't prevented me from being where I should be.  However, I also know that those mistakes—in hindsight are my life's lessons.  They have taught me well.  I've learned things about myself, God and others that I know I would not have learned had I not gone through my many "gateways."

No circumstance or situation that God allows to take place in our live's is insignificant.

"For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus." ~ Phil. 1:6

God is at work.

He's working in the lives of His children.  Do you believe that?

Skeptical, are you?  Think back with me for a moment ... remember:

  •  Adam & Eve's story
  • Abraham and his family story
  • Joseph's story
  • All of the Bible stories

    You and I have a story too.  We have a life story that's being written and played out right now—as I type and as you read.  Just as the people mentioned above, you and I have a beginning, middle and ending.

    God worked in the lives of His children, back then, completing the good work He had planned for them.  Read their stories.  Not one person died having incomplete work.

    You and I are no different.  God has no respect of person.

    Our Father is working out His plans for our life's, know thisRemember this.

    Regardless of how bad the circumstances in your life may get. God is working it out bringing it together.  And He said it's a "good work" too.

    Truthfully, that's hard for some of us to believe, "That He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus."

    We place God where we have most people: in the disappointment category.  We think He's just talking.

    God is not going to give up on you.

    Chant that to yourself today, "God is not going to give up on me!"

    He promises to finish the work He has begun in you.  You can count it!  It's a done deal! 

    Believe it


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