Being a woman who rises early ...

For a few weeks prior to this week past, I started noticing that I felt unbalanced within.  I wasn't calm within.  Something wasn't right.

It wasn't until I got up early one morning to pray about how I'd been feeling that it dawned on me that this act that I've done for years ... the early morning rising, is what I was missing.  It was what my soul was hungry for.

So one morning, I jotted the below writings in my journal.  Just to share with the Lord.  Today though, I want to share them with you.

Rising early gives me more time with the Lord.  My days or slow and productive.  During my morning talks with God, the hushed moments in the house also hushes the heart.  These moments cause a worried, rapid heart to slow.  In the hushed and slowness of mind and body I can focus.  I think and am able to remember.

At my kitchen table with nothing but a cup of hot coffee, Bible, pen and tablet I sit with heart and hand prostrated before my Father, talking ... crying, petitioning, thanking....singing, hearing, learning, loving,experiencing. Experiencing that which is most holy.  And most intimate.

"It is well to be up before day break, for such habits contribute to health, wealth and wisdom." ~ Aristotle

Purposing to get up early and intentionally having an agenda to tend to allows me to work on the will of God for that day.  It is at that morning table that He gives me portions of my daily bread.  The fuel that is needed to complete His will for that day.

I rise early to become empty.  To give God my cup so that He can fill me to my brim.  He fills me so that I am prepared to overflow.  So that my cup can run over for the service He has prepared for me this day.

I sit gazing into the darkness of morning, bearing my load to Him who formed me... who knows me, emptying to become full.  So that when they rise, the family that He gave me to love and care for, I am full enough to serve them—tend to their needs.

He only gives me enough feeding for my daily needs.  Each day is anew you know.  Day's have their own worries.  But there is no need for me to worry because at our table of meetings, the meetings where I meet Him in early morning hours, He gives me my daily bread.  The bread that is just enough to handle the hunger for the day.

In early morning rising the heart is able to find rest in assurances.  The rest my heart gets from these assurances alerts my senses.  Gives keen discernment to the needs of those around.  With a bunch of children running rapid, discernment makes it easier to judge wrong and right.  With the heart finding rest, I understand better.  Am more loving.  Slowed to anger... slowed to hurry.

I sow in early morning rising and reap throughout that day. Getting His will done for the day, purposing my heart to be productive gives less time for idle behavior.


~ early morning rising
~ quiet house
~ times spent with the creator
~ coffee pot
~ girly coffee cups
~ pretty pens
~ pretty journals
~ Bibles!!!
~ family

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