Favorite Blog Friday! {Beth Moore's blog}

We're looking at one of my hometown girls blog today! Houston's own Beth Moore.  Now y'all must understand something here.  I am not looking at Beth's blog because of popularity or size.  Remember, the blogs featured here are my favorite because of the content of the person's character.

Side note for a minute ... the other thing that I just absolutely love is the "Family Affair" of LPM.  It always makes me want to cry, especially when I think back to the girls pre-adult years and think back to when Beth was teaching Sunday school and aerobics.  I betcha she and Keith are just beside themselves with having such beautiful daughters... daughters who have the content in character that God calls us to have as women, character such as that of their mother. It's a beautiful sight seeing parents and children working side by side, and when it's done for the Lord, well... it's priceless.

I know for my husband and me we have desired quietly for some time now for our kids to come and partner with us in our life's work when they get older. Not just to have a family business/ministry per se, but because they have been given some of the same gifts and talents that God has given to Kennedy and me.

So I find it rather cool that God has opened the door for the Moore's to partner together. Okay, getting back to what I was saying . . .

The people whose blogs I feature here on Fridays are my favorite because in them I see as God saw David.  I see a God centered heart first and foremost.

One of the things that I'm most grateful for is that living right here in the Bayou City I am able to attend lots of things that Living Proof Ministries offer here at home.  I'm even considering volunteering for the ministry, but what always stops me is me feeling as if I'm sure they don't need anymore volunteers.  I bet they probably have a waiting list for volunteers.

The biggest reason I would want to volunteer is to be around like-minded women.  I can see myself being built-up in the Lord, and now I'm at a point in my life where I feel I can do a bit of building up of another as well.  The season of my life has shifted where I can now be the giver.  I can give to other women the way women in the past gave to me. Not only that, but I believe in the message of "Living Proof."

Beth and her ministry are Living Proof what a life given over to God can do.  But not only that, for me, her girls are "Living Proof" of "training our children in the Lord."

Her entire life and ministry, I think, is living proof of what a life looks like when you live it "unto" the Lord. But y'all know what I think she dresses best in?

It's an outfit that she wears often, to date I've never seen her without it.  I don't complain about her wearing it over and over again because it looks rather good on her.  As a matter-of-fact, she's a good advertiser for this piece of wear— so good in fact that when you're around her, you'll want to put it on too.

Doesn't our sister wear joy well?  To me, she's a walking advertisement for "Joy in the Lord!" I don't care how down you are when you step into one of her studies, or engagements—give her a couple of seconds and she will have you wearing joy!  I think I love that about her almost more than anything.  Her spirit is very contagious!

So head on over to Living Proof Ministries Blog and check it out. Today there's a video up of Beth sharing many things, one in particular is how she's thinking about changing her everyday lip wear. You can't help but love and appreciate her authenticity.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a Youtube video up of Beth talking about this gentlemen and how horrible his hair looked and how the Lord instructed her to "brush his hair."  The story is hilarious and told only as Mrs. Moore can tell it.  But in the telling of such a funny story are strong nuggets of spiritual truths.  Would you please listened to the story again?

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