Favorite Blogs Friday!

Blogs!  That's what this post is all about today. Some of my favorite blogs!

I've been working on mine ALL MORNING!  Don't know if it's the designer in me or what ..., but I am determined to learn how to DESIGN BLOGS—in particular design my own.

Nothing, thus far that I see has been able to capture my personality.  I've seen a lot of very nice blogs...each having something that captures my taste, but not all.

Anyway, I shall keep on, keeping on.  So please bear with me and the never ending designs of this blog.  I will get it right.  One day, hopefully one day real soon, we will all look at my blog and say, "She's got it!  I remember when she was learning :)

I'm not going to get into much detail today about why I like these blogs.  I'm just mainly going to share the links with you so that you can visit them.

1.  Jeanne Damoff {jeannedamoff.wordpress.com}.  I really like this blog!  I was drawn to it from the very beginning, but would always forget her url {blog address} because I would spell her name wrong.  So to be sure I found her, I started going to her site via Ann Voskamp's blog.

Jeanne is also a published author whose book I certainly look forward to reading, as soon as I finish reading the six books that I am reviewing now.

2.   Michele Perry {from the unpaved road}.  This blog really captures my heart, making me wish I was right there with her ... in the trenches.  Michelle is also an artist and I 'm sure she would appreciate you guys stopping by to take a look at what she's doing.  She, too, has written a book.  One that I plan on reading.

I know you all will appreciate these two blogs.  Please take time to visit them.  I ask you to visit, not for the sake of the blog writer, but for yourselves.  I know that you all will find God's treat in visiting.

Just so you know, I have some favorite men blogs too.  Guys who write really well {some who are even published author's too}.  I will share those blogs with you very soon.

I appreciate each and everyone of you who take time out of your busy schedule to visit me.  And those of you who take the time to send me your lovely, encouraging emails "Thank you."

You all are priceless.  Rare.  Very special indeed.


If you have a blog, I would love to visit.  Please send an email to: hespeakstome {at} hotmail.com giving me your URL and I'll stop by.

If you are a published author and would like for me to review your book, you too, can send an email to: hespeakstome {at} hotmail.com


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