Finding God in tragedy, Ann Voskamp

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Yesterday I listened to Nick Vujici and Ann Voskamp's interviews on CBN Interactive.

Both interviews hold valuable nuggets. I highly encourage you to listen.

Today I'm sharing the words of Ann Voskamp with you, not only via the video, but through the summation of this post.  I decided to use her words, and her voice because if you've read this blog for any length of time, you know that her words and voice is one that God uses to speak to me. Angela talks participates weekly in the interaction of community with Ann, blogging about gratitude and spiritual disciplines, not to mention that A Holy Experience is a daily staple of bread for me.

In this interview, via Skype, Ann shares three points in Finding God in tragedy. Tragedy comes in various forms, shapes, and sizes.  When it comes we usually don't care the form, shape or size— we only care about finding relief.  We want relief from the discomfort and pain that is associated with tragedy.  In sharing this video and Ann's words with you, I hope you find soothing for your soul.  I hope you apply these words to your current situation, or remember them for when tragedy strikes your life.

"How do we live with our hands wide open to whatever God gives, when what God gives doesn't feel like grace?"

Ann contends that there are three things to working through tragedy:

1.  Get real about your pain and lament.  Lamenting is the belief in the goodness of God.  It's being real and honest about pain with God, but trusting that God is still good in it.

2.  Hold on to the fact that when it's darkest God is indeed the closes.  Believe in God's unwavering goodness.

"And while my glory passes by I will put you in a cleft of the rock, and I will cover you with my hand until I have passed by.  Then I will take away my hand, and you shall see my back..." ~ Exo. 33:22-33

When it gets dark it's only because God has hidden you in the cleft of the rock.  It's in the dark that God is covering you, so later ... sometimes much later, you will see His back.  You will indeed see that God was with you in the dark.

3.  Pray for eyes to see.  For eyes to see the slightest goodness of His grace, and His glory in the dark.  Then begin to make a list of His graces.

Even if you can only write down one a day . . .  write down one grace that God has given you.  As you begin to make your one list a day God is also making a list too.

"You have kept count of my tossings, put my tears in your bottle.  Are they not in your book?" Ps. 56:8, ESV

So even in the midst of tragedy and difficulty write down one thing you can be thankful for.

"When joy and prayer married their first born is gratitude." C. Spurgeon


  1. I think we forget that we are spiritual human beings.  We should trust God in tragedy and look for the blessings in any given situation.


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