Why do you blog?

Initially I started blogging to transfer the way I journaled.  Instead of putting my feelings and my devotions on paper, I thought blogging them would be cool.  I never imagined people would come to visit, nor did I know I could make money doing this blogging thing.  Never, ever did I see how this could be made a profession, and a profession for me?  No way!

Once I figured out blogging could be a way for me to chronicle my writing I  thought this would be a good way for me to let editor's see my writing samples.  This was my route I thought ... the road to travel down for that award-winning writing career I am destined to have :)  Although editors may stop by to see my style of writing, that is no longer the foremost reason for this blog.

I think the profession of blogging is beginning to bite me, as I am now setting goals for my blog.  Number one goal: find a professional designer to help with branding, logos, etc.

In thinking about my question, "Why do you blog?" I came across a Youtube video done at a Bloggy Conference Boot Camp in San Diego.  Oh, how I love the sincerity in the ladies answer to this question.

I can relate to many of their responses.  What about you?  Can you relate?  And have you answered the questions yet of why you blog?

I look forward to hearing your "Whys."


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