Before drifting away in sleep last night, my mind scanned a flurry of topics I wanted to write about: home school.  mothering.  marriage, life, God ...

I couldn't decide so I quickly prayed, "Lord, what am I really thankful for right now?"

"Writing."  The forming of letters.  phrases.  sentences.

Ah, this is true.  My soul is soothed by words.  The words that proceed forth ... that are created from within.  The process of thoughts right before the writing takes place.  In this I find great peace, a soulful rest.

I am "a bearer of speech."  I bring speech forward through the penning of words.  Writing is the way that I process.  think.  heal.  It is the way that I express love.  grieve.  live.  It is in this very basic act of forming letters, phrases and sentences . . . curves, that I give of myself.  I give away my thoughts, my emotions, my heart.  It is how I share my soul... the very essence of myself.

When I think about God, the Creator, I see that words are important to Him too.  For it is in His spoken Word that the heavens and earth were created.

And isn't Jesus "The Word of Life?"  

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God?" This Word became flesh.

God's Word encourages us.  It reproves us.  It gives us light and life.

Likewise, when we are children of His, our words— written or spoken can take on His very breath and give the same light and life to the hearer and reader because His Word tells us that His Words will not come back void.  

We can inspire hope with our words, remembering that the first hope of inspiration always begins with the writer.  The speaker. When I write, I write to first understand ... make sense of it all.  Thus the understanding births a change within, and I become able to write and speak out of my experiences.

Isn't the only way Jesus relates to our experiences is because He left heaven, came to earth and He who knew no sin became sin so that He could experience what we experience?

Is it not our ability to express and be understood through the written and spoken words that make us truly come alive?

"For I am full of words ..." Job 32:18

What I am grateful for:

~ words and the forming of them
~ words spoken to heart
~ The Word
~ my thoughts
~ solitude
~ solace
~ husband roaming the World Wide Web with me. . . the reading of blogs
~ watching movies with all SEVEN kids in the bed with their dad and me
~ love
~ forgiveness
~ grace
~ laundry
~ taking care of my family
~ homeschooling

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