Are you an unlikely one? {Pasty Clairmont, woman of faith}

What has God placed in you?

You know, that gift that He's gifted each of His children with in order to do Kingdom work here on earth?

Are you using that gift?  Or do you feel as if you've been over-looked?

Maybe you don't exactly know what your gift is yet.

Worse, maybe you feel "unlikely" to have been given one.

Are you one who sees yourself as "unlikely?" Hm?

"God chooses to use the most 'unlikely,'" says author and speaker Patsy Clairmont.

Throughout Scripture we can find that statement to ring true.  Seems that all God used were the unlikelies.  For crying out loud, look at Jesus.  It was said that nothing good can come out of his home town when people found out where He was from.  I would call Him a pretty unlikely in the eyes of the locals.

Maybe you've been told you're an unlikely.  Unlikely to do this and unlikely to accomplish that.  I sure have. Though it wasn't always with words.  Sometimes it's been with looks and gestures.  The silent words.  Those are the doozies because they speak the loudest.

I get those looks and gestures when people find out that I am a blogger.

"Who does she think she is?"  The silent words speak from those who think me to be unlikely.

But each and every day God gives this unlikely woman a story to share.

I've been told that God uses Unlikely Me through the penning of this blog!  Ha!  I use to laugh.  But I don't laugh anymore.  I'm believing it.  I accept it as truth.

Your notes don't lie.  They tell of stories.  Stories I love reading about.  Stories of how you relate to me.  Stories of pain and of healing.  Even stories of feeling like an unlikely.

The most unlikeliest thing of all is taking place for me in the writing. I am changing.  It was very unlikely, but I am.

It is surprisingly unbelievable what God can do with us unlikely ones.

God used me.  God is using me.  And I like it!  I do.  I'm liking what He's doing and who I'm becoming!  That too seemed to be a far-reaching unlikely happening.  But it's true.

Today is the first day of Angela talks ... showcasing the speakers who are lined up to speak at the Women of Faith Conference in Dallas.

Talk about the unlikely happening.  I never believed I would be chosen to be one of the bloggers for such an event.

I find this worth repeating, "He chooses to use the most unlikely," says Patsy Clairmont.

Let me tell you, Ms. Clairmont knows a bit about being an unlikely.

"For years, she suffered as a prisoner in her own home.  Being a victim of agoraphobia, Ms. Clairmont learned a deep appreciation of God's healing power.

God being who He is pulled together the emotionally, fragmented pieces of her life.  From her emotionally troubled background God has combined her humor and her knowledge of His Word to remind us that imperfect, "cracked" Christians are His specialty."

Are you an "unlikely?"  Maybe even cracked?  Rejoice today will you?  You are exactly the one God chooses to use.

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I am grateful for:

~ blogging for the Women of Faith Conference
~ God using me, an unlikely and cracked human.
~ God allowing me to know that though I'm an "unlikely" I am worthy!
~ Being loved
~ loving others
~summer almost over talks with children
~smell of new books
~crisp pages
~essential oil
~cold baths
~dishes clinging as we sit and eat ... conversations

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