Friendships for grown-ups {Lisa Welchel, woman of faith}

Are you vulnerable, transparent or do you have a wall of protection around you?

Today, we will look at another Women of Faith Conference speaker, author and child actress Lisa Welchel.
Lisa has authored numerous books,  Her latest being, "Friendships for Grown-Ups: What I missed and learned along the way."

Here are a few practical steps, Lisa gives, in developing and growing friendships:

  • Drive to see an old friend or reconnect with a childhood buddy.
  • Dare to share a doubt or question about life you have with an old friend.
  • The next time someone calls to connect with you, unless it is simply not possible, try to make time for this.
  • Make a list of your three really close friends and twelve close friends.  Don't attempt to have twelve really close friends.  It really isn't possible, and it will only frustrate you and them.
  • Keep in touch with old friends.  Facebook is a great way to do this.
  • Pay attention when you start thinking of a friend out of the blue.  It could be God prompting you to reach out.

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