I'm headed to Dallas . . . Women of Faith Conference, Over The Top~

And so my weekend begins . . .

I'm over the top with excitement friends.  I still can't believe that the door has been opened for me to experience such a life changing event.

I say life changing 'cause I know God is doing a work.  It's not by accident that I'm going to this conference.  For sure, He's taking me out of my comfort zone.  I just pray that I will stay out of His way, you know?  I want to allow Him to do what He wills.  Not just this weekend, but all the time.  Specifically though, I'm in wonderment with Him wanting me to be at this conference.  I'm wondering what will be my "Aha!  Oh, this is what He wanted me to hear moment?"

For now I leave you with the Women of Faith video {don't forget to scroll down to quiet the music}.

Blessings to you!

The next time you hear from me I will either be in my hotel room or at the conference.

Until then . . .

For those of you who has sent me e-mails, I will reply tonight when I get settled in the hotel.  It's been a very crazy week!

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