Is it possible to love that difficult person?

How many of you have someone in your life that you find difficult to love?  Could you be that difficult person to someone else?

This thought plagued me this morning as the Lord and I sat "just talking".  I'd told the Lord a few weeks ago that I didn't care for a particular person's personality and that I was glad I no longer had to deal with them and all of their drama.

"Out of sight, out of mind."

So I went ... on my merry little way.

God reminded me of something this morning though.

"I am still required to love the difficult!"

The more I pondered on my difficult relationships the more I saw where I learned something about me.  Could it be that those "difficult" people served a purpose in my life after all?  And that all the fuss and fight wasn't null and void?

The more I began to focus on the various relationships that I've had and have in my life that have caused me anguish, the more I see how the purging has brought out ugliness in me that I would not have seen otherwise.

Not only that, but I now see, even more, that everybody needs somebody to love them.

God showed me how sometimes hurting people, hurt people. Sometimes difficult people are people who are really hurting people, and their scared.

This is why when we come to relationships, though it's difficult to do, we mustn't look for a relationship or people to complete us.  It is imperative that we find our wholeness and completion in Christ and not in the person we have the relationship with.  People can't do it for us.

Don't get me wrong, there are certain things that we must require in our relationships, but looking for someone to complete us or making them an idol "little god"  is not the path God wants us to travel.

So yes, you and I can love that difficult person.  We can love them because God is love, and because God is love, He loves us and He's given us His Spirit of Love. Therefore, we must approach our relationships in a way where we don't look for other's to be our savior.

Don't put unhealthy or unrealistic expectations on someone else.

"...whoever loves God must also love his brother. ~ 1 John 4:21"

Don't expect another to love like God beloved.  Only God can love like God.

But God demonstrates His own love for us in this:  While we were still sinners Christ died for us. ~ Romans 5:8 

What I am thankful for—

~ God allowing the people I deem difficult to come into my life
~ for having love and lost than to never have loved at all {but who really looses once they experience love}
~ for being who I am . . . faults and all
~ clean water
~ life
~ lessons learned
~ new beginnings
~ teaching my children
~ family
~ being loved {I know I say this one often}
~ forgiveness
~ second and third ... chances
~ God's mercies
~ sunshine
~ overgrown weeds
~ dandelions
~ fall soon to be
~ smell of downy
~ bubble baths by candle light
~ stillness
~ the processing of my thoughts
~ fresh vegetables

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xo, Angela

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