A look at Sandi Patty {Woman of faith}

Today's post is about another woman I will be privilege to hear come August 26-27 at the Woman of Faith Conference in Dallas.

To give you new readers a bit of background on what I've been doing this week, I'm highlighting the folks that you've been seeing here, to share with those of you who stop by and are interested in what's going on with me, the people God has opened the door for me to hear speak at the conference.

Much thanks to Thomas Nelson Publishing Company for finding me to be a fit for the assignment.

Anyway ...

Sandi Patty is a name that I've heard spoken quite a few times in my Christian circle.  I even think I've heard her on a few of the Christian radio programs I listen to.  And I'm most certain that I've heard her music played on KHCB, one of my all time favorite local Christian radio stations here in Houston.

Still, though, I didn't really know much about her so I did a little digging.  Thankfully I didn't have to dig long because she has a website.  Something a few of the other women that I've showcased didn't have {tis, tis, tis,}.

This brings me to one of my pet peeves.  It's also an industry NO NO!  If you have a blog please update it or take the date off.  Unless of course, you no longer blog and you simply leave your old post up for the enjoyment of others.  But for those who consider themselves to be an active blogger, nothing looks tackier and more unprofessional than having an unmanned site. One of the first questions a company often times asks a blogger when they want to work with us is: how often do we update????  So if you have a blog please update it.

You don't have to update it daily, but have some sort of consistent schedule.  One that your followers can count on.  Have a routine.

Okay, getting back to Sandi.  She does have a very nice presence on the Web.  Her about me page is lovely and it speaks of her epiphany. She says:

{If you get the blog subscription you will not see the video that is here}
He had just said, 'Yes' to a dream for me that I hadn't seen yet.
Did you get that?!  Oh my gosh, that is such a huge statement.  Not every Christian will see that or come to that conclusion!  If you take nothing else away today from my ramblings, grasp hold of that.  

Grasp the fact that "God has a dream for you."  There may be something that you want and you want it more than you've wanted anything ever.  However, it doesn't seem to be materializing for you.  Know this: that particular dream of yours isn't the dream that God may have said yes to.

There is a dream out there with your name on it.  It's just a matter of lining your will with His so that He can get you to it. 

Your life's route will get you there friend.  

xo, Angela

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