Mandisa, what if we were real {woman of faith}

It is official, I am now over the top with excitement and anticipation and can't wait for Friday to get here!

Mandisa's music has awaken my spirit.  She's brought some life to these bones!

Mandisa, I love you!

Talk about talent. I'm not going to lie to y'all, I was a bit iffy initially.  First off, I'd never heard of her and you know how people can be when it comes to "new."  Some of us {ahem} don't always embrace it at first!

Actually, when I saw her name as the entertainment I said, "Who?"  And then I thought, "Oh boy!"

Let me just say, "She hushed me." Her talent spoke loud and clear for her yesterday!

The girl can sing and she can move.  Yesterday— all day, she lit up my house with her soulful, contemporary style.  Her blend is just right for me, and that band of hers: talented.

I'm going to have lots of fun at the Women of Faith, Over the Top Conference, in Dallas. The more I learn about each participant the more enthused I become.

Each person has their own story, their own set of hurdles that they've had to over come. I really am beginning to appreciate each one of them and their story.

Our stories are meant to do just what each of these people's stories have done for us this week. First they are meant to be shared, and then they are to be used to build up and encourage the body of Christ. 

Though we will have a good time Friday, Friday is about Kingdom building.  It's testimony time!  These individuals have been tested and will share with us what they've learned from what they've endured.  Some will do it through humor, other's through simple conversation, and other's will do it through music.  Though the way the story is told differs, the conclusion will be the same.  A lesson was learned by going through a struggle.  A struggle that was divinely and uniquely tailored to suit each person.

The story tellers have fought and with God's help conquered many of their hurdles, though we will always have hurdles as Christians.  The hurdles are what makes us strong, by having them we are ever leaning on Him.

Judging by what I've seen so far I will be so over the top flowing from the festivities, that when  Mandisa takes the stage, all she's going to do is light my spillage, causing me to blaze forth with my praise!

And by the way, her Good Morning song will be my morning anthem.

Below are the three videos my girl and I watched:

Video one

  • shows the making of video two and in this video Mandisa talks about the importance of letting go of our mask and how other people benefit from us being real.  

Video two
  • is the edited and official version of her song, "Strong" from the CD "What if we got real" of video one.  

Video three

  • This last video is Mandisa's celebration!  She lost 100lbs y'all!  In this video she explains how she did it, and a few of her friends send well wishes her way.

When we walk through the most difficult time in our lives, those are the times that God is really building character and really teaching us things that we can't learn when things are great. ~ Mandesa

Her Woman of Faith about me page reads as follows:
GRAMMY— nominated American Idol finalist with a stunningly expressive voice
She's come a long way from singing in her bathroom with a curling iron 'microphone!'
The former American Idol finalist survived childhood abuse and an eating addiction to become one of the most promising new talents in the Christian music industry.  She's been nominated for a Dove Award and two Grammy Awards {so far!}, and we expect more to follow.
These days she's sings with a carefree confidence about feelings more alive than ever.
Through good times and bad, Mandisa has learned that God can bring us out of whatever we're going through and even use it for good and for His glory.
She lives in Tennessee.

"God through the Holy Spirit interceding within us, uses everyday circumstances to touch the whole world with His saints." ~ Oswald Chambers

It is my sincere hope that you are being touched by God through the writing of this blog, no matter what shore you reside on beloved one.

xo, Angela

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