My husband: my beloved

"I'm glad I didn't leave him." This is my thought as we make smoothies for our family.  As I watch this 6'3" man with broad shoulders take the fruit out of the refrigerator.

He's talking, smiling handing me strawberries, blueberries, ice, Greek yogurt, organic apple juice, this and that ... all the while being oblivious to my long stares, stares of how my eyes are watching him ... tracing the outer curves of his body.

I wash the fruit.  The kids are all there looking on, listening and smiling.

There, in our kitchen, we all stand and talk ... laugh and I do my usual: interrupt so I won't forget my words ... my thoughts.  They all laugh. 

Their Dad tells them about our daily Wheat Grass routine.  He likes it and I don't!  But I do love the many benefits so I partake daily, consuming the horrible!

The kids laugh and tease as we tell our tales.

I think back to doctors saying they—my children would never be.  But God saw fit to give me the desires of my heart.

He looks at me.  Kennedy is his name.  He gives me the look a man gives his woman when he loves her... find her pleasing.  You know that look?

He gives me that look right in front of the kids.  Then he bends my way—smiling and says, "I love you and I love them.  I love our family."

He kisses me soft —tenderly and long.

God can change a heart.

"Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things." ~ 1 Corin. 13:7

Gratitude for ~

~ drives with my husband
~ family talks and laughs
~ love having the capacity to bear, believe hope and endure
~ dandelions
~ nice clean crisp sheets
~ long cold baths in hot humid temperatures
~ good food
~ good company
~ talks that Kennedy and I have in the dark while waiting to fall asleep
~ whispers of "Good morning"
~ good coffee
~ good tea
~ homeschooling supplies
~ health
~ Wholefoods
~ blogging
~ writing
~ reviewing books
~ the way the sky looks before the rain comes
~ the smell of earth before a storm comes
~ the dawn after the storm
~ my life

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