The sacrifices of a mother

What plans do you have for yourself? Goals?

Has God placed a longing ... a desire in your heart?  For many of us mothers, God has given us plenty of desires, goals and dreams.

Desires goals and dreams that we, for now must put on hold.

I remember my Pastor telling the story many times of his stay-at-home mother.  She was a mother to eight children, they were poor, yet her desire was to travel the world.

Her longing was finally fulfilled years later in her eighties.  Her daughter married a man, Anthony Evans, who would go on to have a very successful ministry.  But not only would his ministry flourish.  Because of he and his wife's commitment to raising Godly children. Their children would grow up to be a success in their own right, needing to travel.

Guess who traveled with them?  Mother-in-law and grandma.

In her eighties, Mother Cannings was reaping the benefits from her years of sacrificial service to her family.  Her desires and sacrificial service had not gone unnoticed.  Her service went beyond her eight children extending to the next generation: her grandchildren and she was blessed!

We mother's are blessed with the ability to do that.  We give life in many ways, to many.

And though I've sacrificed much and continue to sacrifice much, I would do it again and again if me sacrificing means good for my children.

Sacrificing is how we show the depth of our love.  

Sacrifice shows the measures in which we are willing to go on behalf of another, bringing out eventually, the truth of feelings.

Do we love like Jacob?  Like Jesus?  Can our love endure the ultimate sacrifices of giving our time—years of service to the one we profess we love.  

Sometimes we must give up our own happiness and comfortableness so that our children might have. 

As mothers we sometimes recognize that our suffering is better for our children's situation ultimately.

Love is that way.  It makes one wanna give.  It makes you think of the other person instead of yourself.

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life." ~ John 3:16

God gave.  

In the extension of His giving we experience His love.  We, the ones God loved benefit from His love, not Him.  We are the ones saved from eternal damnation, not God.

Likewise, our children benefit from our giving, we don't.  Our benefit is simply seeing the one who we love happy.  It's the knowing that things are working out for the better of them. 

Love really is selfless. . . finding joy and the fulfillment in seeing another—one you love, happy.

Mothers sometimes you may become weary, want to throw in the towel.  You will reap if you just keep going, don't give up yet.

Faint not.  

Right now most of us are in our sowing season as a mother and once in a while we partially see—just a glimpse of what we are desiring, hoping for our children.

Again, I say "Faint not."  Your harvest is coming!

Find yourself within ourselves," many say.  "We will never find ourselves in ourselves.  We will only find ourselves in God.
God is love and has made us in the image of His own personal spirit.
We are not love ourselves as the Father is.  However, we do posses the capacity to give and receive love.  Thus as a mother, our sacrifices display our love for our children."
Producing things that count for the Lord, that is our goal women!  Learn to be interdependently dependent on God!  

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