What I'm focusing on today: "Woman's Work"

That's right.  I'm doing "Woman's Work" today!  I do it everyday, but just wanted to shout it out today.

Some women become offended by the term: "Woman's Work" when it means simply caring for the home and the family in the way most of us do.  I'm not offended in the least bit.

I've learned many years ago that my work, be it "Woman's Work" or White House Work, is not what defines me.  It's just work that I do.

What defines people is the content of character.

It is our character ... that which decides our steps that defines us. It decides our right and wrong choices. 

And it is the revelation of the choices that tells the truth about you and me.  Those choices reveal the hearts true condition.

So I say that it is our lifestyle of choices. . . not one choice, but our overall decisions that we should use to monitor our depth of soul. 

The monitoring of choices will reveal the integrity or the lack of it.

Can I be okay with the decisions that I make in life?  Have I learned from my wrong decisions ... my bad actions?  Am I a person willing to take responsible for my actions without blaming anyone  else for them?

When it's all said and done ... when this life is over.  That will be what the crux of our lives boil down to—those of us who have accepted Christ.  That is what we will give an account for, our heart and our motives.

In doing Woman's Work I feel at home.  Woman's Work for me is an easy way for me to gaze through my actions in a quiet way... while at work.  

While doing the daily grind of caring for family and house I talk to Him about me.  What I see within myself... the good, the bad and all of the ugly.

When I work this way I'm at rest.  I feel completed.  I'm very content in my heart with this way of life.

A calm life of tending to the simple.

Often times, people will bluntly or subtlety try to put those of us who stay home down.  They try to reduce us to being lazy, not worth much or being individuals who lack motivation.

When I come across people with a mindset such as this I usually smile and become quite, for their words reveal all I need to know about them.  With their words they show their heart's condition and I know that no words of mine will matter.

I love my life and the work that God has called me to do.

It's not a perfect life by any means, but it's my life.  A life that I'm very grateful for.

Laundry, Liturgy and Woman's Work all serve to ground us in the world, and they need not grind us down.
Our daily tasks, whether we perceive them as drudgery or essential life—supporting work, do not define who we are as women or as human beings.   But they have a considerable spiritual import, and their significance for Christian theology, the way they come together in the fabric of faith, is not often appreciated. ~ Kathleen Norris

Food for thought:

Are you a woman who feels "belittled" or less than by Woman's Work or the term Woman's Work? If you are why?

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might ... Ecc. 9:10

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