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Good Morning Girls!
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Welcome back to week 2 of our study in the book of I John! 
If you are joining us a week late, here is a link to the Free E-study guide - download and print it or use it as a guide as your write in your own journal!
Let’s get started by looking at this week’s key words in I John 1:5-10.  Remember there is no right or wrong way to do this.  Mark the words that you see repeated often or that mean something to you.  You can use colors or symbols. 
I like to use a yellow triangle to represent the Trinity  - God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  I used green for “fellowship”,  a  red blood droplet for “blood”, yellow for “light” and a black lightening bolt for “sin”.  I also marked the word “claim” pink and the words “lie”, “liar” and “deceive” brown.  
Verse 9 is underlined because it is a key verse that I memorized long ago.  I highly recommend you commit this verse to memory.  It is a very comforting verse for myself when I have messed up, for my children when they have done wrong and for counseling situations.
If you have quickly completed the SOAP assignment for the day and still have time left – we recommend that you do commentary work.  Commentaries are books, sermons or devotionals that study each verse in its context.  Look at how much depth these men of God found in these few short verses!!! 
Here are 3 on-line commentaries I recommend for the week to go along with this weeks reading:
2. John Piper - Let Us Walk In the Light of God (This was my favorite link)
3. Charles Spurgeon - The Child of Light Walking in Light - I John 1:6,7; Walking In Light and Washed In the Blood – I John 1:8-10
Remember, the above reading and key word marking is optional!  If all you can get done is the SOAP study – then “high 5″ to you for getting into God’s word today! Do not feel pressured to do more! 
Remember,  This is a place of grace – women from all walks of life are here!  We know you are busy – too busy to not have God’s wisdom to carry you through out the day.  Work on squeezing this time in and remain consistent in your study – do it morning, noon or night!   
Remember, Even when you miss a day of your quiet time, it’s important that you stay connected to your group.  It is very easy to lose fellowship if you do not remain committed to your accountability group.  Be honest.  Say you are struggling – I KNOW they will lift you up in prayer!  And Girls – we ALL need more prayer – don’t we? 
I’m lifting you all up in prayer this week!  I’ll be back here on Wednesday and Friday – so stop back!  Now dig in and enjoy!
Walk with the King!
Courtney, WomenLivingWell
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