Are you carrying out your real purpose of being home?

Every so often I have to pull out my "mission statement" for my family.  I am one who can get so caught up and led away from the very thing I deem most important.

How would I feel if I was known for being a stay-at-home mom only, the way I was known years ago?

Have I fallen into the trap of this world's lie of me not being good enough if I am only a mother?

What about you?  Have you fallen into the trap?

Is your home life evidence that you have fallen into that belief?  Do you feel that you have to be more?

Many of us say that we've taken on more to have more, more curriculum, more this and more that, but why after we've reached our goals do we continue on in spite of subtly being led from our calling, continue investing so much of our time into ...? Can't we make do with what God has given?  Can we really make do?  Can we really help and still be home in our hearts and minds?

How often are we "stay-at-home" mom's putting off what we can do with and for our children today for tomorrow?

Am I unconsciously seeking an ego boost?  Do I like the accolades?

Today, yesterday and the day before I've heard myself say to my husband and children "wait a second" "I'll be right there" ...  Seems that I'm more focused with other tasks, instead of being focused on the task that God has truly called me home for.

These things that I've taken on are good, but I keep seeing how I allow them to distract me and lead me away from our family mission statement.  Even though I'm here at home physically, a lot of times I'm not here.

So often others are mislead and I even mislead myself in thinking that because I am home I'm about the Lord's business or I'm here for my children.  When truth be told my laundry piles are high and the bathroom needs cleaning.  When I gaze at my home life and the condition that it is in I realize I am far from being here for my children, even though I'm here at home, and even worse I see how I am missing the mark that God wants me on.

About fourteen years ago, I was introduced to Sally Clarkson's books. Many of her books became my way of tracking my mission statement success.

One of the first books of Sally's I purchased was The Whole Hearted Child.

This morning while going through some boxes I came across some of my most treasured journals and saw notes that I'd taken from Sally's book, The Whole Hearted Child, knowing that many of you are mothers of young children and mother's who home school I wanted to share a bit of Sally's words with you for inspiration and encouragement.

Know your purpose
Although Dad needs to take the lead in defining your family's purpose, it is you, Mom, who carries most of the daily burden for living it out.
You cannot really know what to do as a mother, until you understand why God has given you children.  If you know your purpose as a parent and as a home educator, it will determine not only what you will do, but also what you will not do.  
Take some time together as a family to read the Scriptures, pray, talk and create a statement of purpose for your family.
Make sure everyone in the family knows it by heart and understands it.  The questions below are meant to stimulate your thinking for writing your family's purpose statement.
A.  Develop a philosophy of home and family.

  • How are you building your home and heritage for the Lord?  How are you tearing it down?  What does it mean to be a family?
  • What do your children need from you {guidance, discipline, love friendship, instruction, etc.?} As a mother {or father} how will you meet those needs?  What sorts of roles will you play in their lives {encourager, inspires, loving parent, friend, teacher, servant, leader?}  How and when will you?
  • What sort of Christians do you want your children to become?  What kind of discipler are you?  How, specifically, will you disciple your children?  How will you train and instruct them in biblical truth?  How will you inspire them to become godly leaders?  How will you provide an example of holiness?
Mothers if God has called you to be home.  Please pray to be mindful of being at home in attitude and spirit.  Let's try to be all the way in that space and place for that time.  It is so easy to let work bleed over into schooling and family life.  That isn't what God wants.  That wasn't His purpose for calling us home or to home school.

He called us home and to home school for a variety of reasons, but I don't think it is farfetched to say that His number one reason in wanting us home is so that we can give it our full attention.

Let's not cheat our family's and don't cheat your children.

There is no nobler career than that of motherhood at its best.  There are no possibilities greater, and in no other sphere does failure bring more serious penalties...To attempt this task unprepared and untrained is tragic, and its results affect generations to come.  On the other hand there is no higher height to which humanity can attain than that occupied by a converted, heaven-inspried, praying mother. ~ Anon, quoted by Elisabeth Elliot, The Shaping of a Christian Family, 1992

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  1. I so appreciate your post and wisdom.  This is a balancing act I often have to bring before the Lord, with the same red flags of "just a second" you also use.  For me, Anne Ortlund has been the voice of wisdom and reason in reminding me to disciple my children.  Praise God for women who have gone before us to steer us in His direction!


  2. Thanks, I needed that today :)  I'm in my first year of working full time as a school nurse.  My four kids are all in school too.  I just really need to remember that when I am home, I am home and their mom.  Not just a worker bee trying to "get everything done".

  3. Thanks for this.  I is so well said and I needed to hear the sermon shouted that has been whispering in my head for quite a while.  You are a blessing.  I also love Valerie Shepherd.  I see her as someone who has done what you have spoken about above.  She didn't try to be a writer/speaker/even a blogger...she was a wife and a mom.  I admire that!

  4. PS.  I created a link to this article on my FB page.  Hope that is OK with you!???  I wanted to share your words with my group of friends who are stay at home moms.


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